RTS Racing Products 2012 Viper Transformer.

Important: Page to be updated with current pricing etc.

THE NEW 2012 VIPER TRANSFORMER monoshock to twin shock in a few easy steps.
The new Viper Transformer is universal in more ways than one.
It has been developed with a linkage system which increases the damper ratio to 1 to 1 which runs inline with the movement of the rear wheel increasing the damping speed over rough ground keeping a constant drive reducing the sudden lifting in mid corner allowing a softer overall suspension set up.
For the rider who likes a twin shock approach it can be transformed from one to the other by removing the top swing-arm cradle and monoshock and bolting on the twin shocks, and the swingarm is made from three indivdual components making it cost effective for replacement parts.

Frame/ subframe/ forks/ swingarm/ engine plates/ footrest/ bolts and spacers 1500
Kits for all water cooled engines 1625